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Closed Beta Survey

Hey there folks!  We’ve put together a survey for all participants of the Closed Beta testing phase of Scarlet Blade!  You can find the survey at the link below -

Take the Scarlet Blade Closed Beta survey!

We put a lot of thought into this survey.  You can share your opinions on a bunch of topics like the newbie experience, technical issues, community engagement, PvP effectiveness, and more!  Plus, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for a 2,000 AP gift code!

Thank you for participating and completing the survey, folks!

Source: Closed Beta Survey

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Bikes and Pets


Because Speed is Power


In the blasted landscape of new Earth, travel can be difficult and tedious. But we here at Genesis Corp are happy to make the journey that much easier (and faster!) by providing trained Arkana access to our line of powerful bikes and hoverbikes. In fact, these bikes are so essential that we provide a free sample to all interested Arkana!

Like most Genesis Corp equipment, bikes can be upgraded using Stardust. Even better, we are happy to provide a large selection of additional models and colors for a nominal fee. Any Commander that values mobility should definitely consider investing in one of our high-end hoverbikes.

Trust us: your Arkana will thank you!

Power and Mobility exemplified


Ebon Lancer

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Mechs and Suits



While the Arkana are incredibly advanced, not even an altered human can stand toe-to-toe with a Narak and survive. So while our geneticists were busy creating the ultimate soldiers, our weapons labs built them the ultimate armor: the Combat Mech.

Each Mech was specifically designed to complement and amplify its Arkana’s skills. Heavily armed, heavily armored, and piloted at the speed of thought thanks to neural implants, they temporarily improve an Arkana’s combat effectiveness a hundred-fold. Be warned, though: a Mech can only last as long as the Arkana that powers it. Each Mech requires Core Power, which Arkana slowly regenerate during combat. And once that Core Power is gone, the Mech becomes inoperable...

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