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[Guide/Build] Ultimate PvP and PvE build!

Offline Dreamer 10-Apr-2013, 07:39 PM ( .)
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This build is a PvP and PvE build where you can be extremely tanky, dish out a lot of damage and be able to solo many things.To start, off i will post the link of my build.

You will noticed i have every offensive skill at the minimum requirements for next skill or at level 1. Reason is that leveling up offensive skills do not increase you overall DPS by much.Also it is many times better to learn a new skill than to rank up powerful skills.Now why i took HP over Void is because 100 void is equivalent to 1% damage reduction. With that being said, rank 10 void passive only gives 5.5% damage reduction while the HP passive gives 32% max HP.The last reason why HP overrides void is that medics heal a base amount + a % your of max HP.Finally you rank up your aggro skills for the PvE. Now to make up for the lost DPS, i also made a guide and how to achieve the highest maximum DPS possible which can be found from the link below.

Here are my base stats, no buffs or pots.
[Image: scarletbladev0920.png]

My gear enhances are
Knee Guard:+7


Accessories: all VET

NOW to show you how tanky i am, i am soloing the FK base.
[Image: 0401022555.jpg]
[Image: 0401022622.jpg]
As you can see, i lasted almost 30 sec (can see time in chat box) alone in the FK base with quite a bit of people attacking me + guards.

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