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Build A Sentinel Workshop

Offline Dreamer 10-Apr-2013, 07:56 PM ( .)
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Sentinel Build

For players both RG and FK, I recommend you follow your own build, and experiment it.

Skill Builder

Be a leader not a follower, and you will be strong someday. Just give it time. by Adasuna

Given most people has a Sentinel with high hp, critical damage and evasion.

First off Sentinel with high hp. What will you do? You basically have high hp but no defense or void so mostly it will be useless. But it is not totally useless if you build some void.

Critical Damage is a must. You will need to deal some damage if you want to kill some players.

Evasion is a big no no. What will you do, dodge the enemy attacks? You won't be able to dodge anything if your evasion is not build like SW.

Tank Dps Sentinel

You read it right. Tanky Dps Sentinel. Why? Higher survival rate and can last long enough in a 1v2.

Gold problems are in every game, and perfect gears cost to much. If you are lucky congrats you got what you will need. This guide is for lvl cap at 29. The guide will become obsolete once lvl cap is raised.

This is my current stats (Note: Not all my gears are +7, some are not even +5, which I will show you down below in gears).

[Image: 04_08_22_32_26.jpg]

Determine to some extent on survival of the loliness.
What you need in Weapon is Accuracy, Crit-Rate, Crit-Attk. But you need to be really lucky T^T.

[Image: 04_08_22_50_34.jpg]

Evasion, Void, Defense, and Hp is what you need. If you can't get evasion don't fret get Void it will be you best friend.

[Image: 04_08_22_56_42.jpg]

Defense and Void is a must. Move SPD and evasion is another good stats as well. For enhance hope you get max hp. For me i got max sp but I don't mind I need it anyways.

[Image: 04_08_23_01_52.jpg]

Recommendation: Max Hp %, Def, Void,ch-evasion( chakra evasion helps you avoid all those stuns and disable chance)

[Image: 04_08_23_07_52.jpg]

Look below this is what you should have on your gloves.

[Image: 04_08_23_20_00.jpg]

Just look below, you might find a better bangle but I can't think anything better than this.

[Image: 04_08_23_26_40.jpg]

I reccomend max hp, def, void, and ch-eva.

[Image: 04_08_23_31_30.jpg]

If you can find void,hp,def, and crit rate. Mix and Match to bring out the benefit of your sentinel.

Here is what I have.

[Image: 04_08_23_36_37.jpg]

[Image: 04_08_23_36_56.jpg]

As you can see I need gold to complete the accessories and I need few more rank points for the earrings.

It will be updated soon..

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